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Name: Saj

Hobbies: Film

Favourite movie: Legally Blonde ( of the best feminist movies)

Why?: Elle Woods solves a murder by identifying the killer because she lied about washing her hair after a perm...that's a kick ass character right there!!

2nd Favourite movie: Mean Girls

5th Favourite movie: Mona Lisa Smile

I love re-enacting: The opening scene of Clueless

Favourite film of 2001: Legally Blonde...duh!

Favourite film of 2016: Hidden Figures

Oldest film memory: Watching Pretty Woman on VHS at the age of 6 with my brother

Favourite film of 2006: Dreamgirls

Most loved movie cameo: Uma Thurman as Medusa in Percy Jackson & the Lightening thief

Why do this blog?: No one else does short movie reviews with a feminist lens

Got another question? Ask me. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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