Not a fan of cartoons or animanted features, but this is quite entertaining in its presentation of G rated propaganda on immigration disguised and promoted with an adorable alien, a furry cat and a character voiced by Rihanna. While this may not be Dreamworks animation's best production, it still carries the charm of what an animated feature should contain- laughter, silliness, tears and a few A-listers voicing the characters. I would recommend this if you wouldn't mind enduring something cute, sorta light hearted with a tiny element of a political undertone.

Unnecessary. Dick flick. Disappointing. BORING. Forced. Eye roll. The only good thing about this dick flick was Sienna Miller, who was clearly too good for this film (which on so many moments felt like a caricature). I got more out of Lifetime's tv Movie of the Whitney Houston story (which you might want to check out at home rather than going to the cinema to watch this film). You "may" enjoy this if you like war movies.

A phenomenalfilm that should be seen by everyone. From the first scene, you are moved, captivated and shocked and you are never disappointed a second from then on. With fantastic performances from a stream of actors, this has got to be the best film I have seen in a very long time!

I bet fans of the stage production will be seriously content with Rob Marshall's adaptation. The quirky characters, the fantastic performances of Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick and even some of the musical moments were quite fantastic. For someone who has not seen or heard any of the music of this musical, it would take a while to warm up to its tunes...but it should nonetheless be seen. Strongly recommend this film to musical lovers. The only downfall could be its length..2 hours may have been too long! Regardless... It is a must watch.

An emotionally gripped film featuring some outstanding work by Reese Witherspoon, but it is quite far from a perfect motion picture. While Reese does quite a perfect job as the hardcore, frustrated and angry hiker, the unravelling of the entire story was done quite disjointedly. While the chief storyline is around her experience hiking, we learn about Cheryl Strayed's life that led to this through flashbacks. The flashbacks though interesting just didn't flow well. Regardless, fans of Witherspoon (as myself) will be glad to see her do some serious work after almost 9 years! Along with that, this is also quite a good moment for women in film to have a solitary performance in the vein of 'Castaway' and 'Alone' with a female in its lead. I would s...

Right...don't know why producers thought this would be a good idea, but anyway! There were a few good moments and some of the musical numbers had a brilliant face-lift, but overall the charm of the original was forgotten and whilst Quvenzhané Wallis may have sort of redeemed the film, its other actors were just bland. While Jamie Foxx was quite cringeworthy, he had the best voice in the film. The role of Miss Hannigan was just awfully cast with Cameron Diaz...that character was just a complete far-cry from Carol Burnett's camp and hilarious work in the original. Diaz's performance of Hannigan's "Little Girls" was reduced from a camp classic to an auto-tuned Britney Spears-esque mess!! To also think that Rose Byrne as an actress and Sia as a mus...

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