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Annie - 2.5/5

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Right...don't know why producers thought this would be a good idea, but anyway! There were a few good moments and some of the musical numbers had a brilliant face-lift, but overall the charm of the original was forgotten and whilst Quvenzhané Wallis may have sort of redeemed the film, its other actors were just bland. While Jamie Foxx was quite cringeworthy, he had the best voice in the film. The role of Miss Hannigan was just awfully cast with Cameron Diaz...that character was just a complete far-cry from Carol Burnett's camp and hilarious work in the original. Diaz's performance of Hannigan's "Little Girls" was reduced from a camp classic to an auto-tuned Britney Spears-esque mess!! To also think that Rose Byrne as an actress and Sia as a music producer wasted their time on this film is a bit tragic. But overall, if you are not passionate about the original, you may like that feel of a burst of sunshine this film brings. So watch it if you haven't seen and loved the original.. Otherwise, DVD it is!

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