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Wild - 3/5

Photo by Anne Marie Fox - © 2014 - Fox Searchlight Pictures

An emotionally gripped film featuring some outstanding work by Reese Witherspoon, but it is quite far from a perfect motion picture. While Reese does quite a perfect job as the hardcore, frustrated and angry hiker, the unravelling of the entire story was done quite disjointedly. While the chief storyline is around her experience hiking, we learn about Cheryl Strayed's life that led to this through flashbacks. The flashbacks though interesting just didn't flow well. Regardless, fans of Witherspoon (as myself) will be glad to see her do some serious work after almost 9 years! Along with that, this is also quite a good moment for women in film to have a solitary performance in the vein of 'Castaway' and 'Alone' with a female in its lead. I would still recommend people to watch this film cause it is worth the experience.

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