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Home Again - 1/5

Bloody awful! This reminded me of a 1.5-hour episode of 'The Bold and the Beautiful.' Reese Witherspoon (this is the worst movie she has done) should fire her agent for suggesting this film as this was just embarrassing. Set in Hollywood, this film reeks of privilege and nepotism. Hallie Meyers-Shyer (Daughter of Nancy Meyers), wrote and directed this project that comes across more like a student film than one that should be in cinemas. The atrocity of the script, the poor production quality and the lame jokes makes you wonder how desperate are these actors in finding work (Candice Bergen was in it! Seriously!). The film ends with the use of Carole King's song 'Home Again' - how sacrilegious. Finally, if you see the trailer and think "this movie looks bad!" ..well you are kinda right...except it's more than that, it's just bloody awful.

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