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Wonder - 4.5/5

A 'must see' film with a massive heart and another 2017 gem. 'Wonder' is the family movie that is not tacky, but instead gets the perfect formula to keep audiences engaged. This film will no doubt be the movie that will still be talked about in years to come. There were some really great topics covered in this film, some sure to make for good discussions, whilst my favourite was seeing a family movie that acknowledges that parents can be as equally or more evil than their bully kids. Julia Roberts as always gives a remarkable performance, and Jacob Tremblay steals the show in the title role as Auggie. My only criticism is the casting of Owen Wilson in the part of the Dad - you just don't cast a dumbass Hollywood actor next to Julia just don't! Anyway - give this film a go! there is no doubt, you will like it.

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