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Call me by your name - 2.5/5

The imagery and cinematography are gorgeous. That is pretty much the most substance this movie has. I am not impressed by its story, as it feels familiar. Luca Guadagnino's film is sure to get a lot of buzz during the awards season, as the Oscars tend to love a story featuring a minority with big names. The 2 lead actors give worthy performances - but certainly nowhere near Oscar-worthy. Newcomer Timothée Chalamet may be the next up and coming actor after this, however, we all know that Oscar movies tend to be forgotten after the buzz is done. Armie Hammer just plays a stereotypical charismatic alpha male that is into this one dude - again - nothing profound. This is a hard one to recommend - people that love scenery will be in awe at the gorgeous Italian landscapes in the backdrop of nearly every scene. Others like myself, wanted a bit more than that. This is one for the DVD or Netflix.

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