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Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle - 4/5

A surprising adventurous treat. Like many remakes, reboots, re-imaginations of films categorised as classics, I was so sceptical about this project. When I found out it was going to star The Rock, it heightened my doubts as I believe him to be movie poison (seriously, has he ever done a good film in the past?). Throw in Jack Black, Kevin Hart with Doctor Who's Karen Gillan and that was it for me- I was out. The trailer and posters only made it worse. However, I gave this film a chance as I wanted something light (it was this or Paddington 2). I was very surprised and how good this was. From the start, the film wastes no time, and the adventure begins. Like the original, the suspense was present. Kevin Hart was very funny and the comedic timing of Jack Black and even Karen Gillan were perfect. There were some tacky moments (courtesy of The Rock of course) but it's not like it ruined the movie. This is one to see in the cinemas and I strongly recommend you check this out. Do not discredit it as it is a reboot, as there is no doubt, you will enjoy this film.

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