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The Post - 3.5/5

An interesting story unravelled in typical Spielberg fashion. A lot of people may be entirely unaware of the significance of this event, however, consider this to be the preamble to Watergate (if you do not know the Watergate scandal, just don't watch this film). There is no time like the present, to depict the power of the press and the impact of news in society. The first 45 minutes of the film, struggle to gain momentum as it's all about the set up. The next hour gets engaging and eventually tells a noteworthy story, with the last scene being applaud-worthy. Regarding performances - Hanks, Streep and Spielberg seem like an awesome synergy - however, this is one of Streep's weakest performances in the recent past (she is still great though). It's almost as if the queen of Hollywood cinema did this as a favour to Spielberg as it feels like she was relaxing the whole way through (she can still relax act pretty well). Steep still outweighs Hanks, who like any other actor of his ranks, just play themselves. Another tough one to recommend. You will need to have some knowledge or interest in American politics from the 70's to understand the significance of this and enjoy the film.

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