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Swinging safari - 4/5

Aussie moviegoers with a politically incorrect sense of humour are sure to love this film. Set in the 70's, this is one heck of chaotic misadventure featuring three couples and their kids. You may watch this and think 'this is so wrong!' And you will not be the only one. This will end up being one of those films that will be spoken about in years to come. If you have not seen the trailer, perhaps you should surprise yourself and go in to experience a hoot. As for the actors, Guy Pearce, Asher Keddie, Jack Thomson, Kylie, Julian McMahon and Radha Mitchell all have amazing comedic timing. Kylie may not have a huge role compared to the others, but she is still really funny (don't believe me? watch it for yourself). I strongly recommend this film if you don't mind some chaotic fun with Australian humour. A good film to watch at the cinemas or wait - either way. Give this a go.

PS - I was very fortunate to attend the premiere of this film and see the main stars except for Guy Pearce. Kylie was there too..hence this review maybe slightly skewed, as I was in cloud 9.

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