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'I, Tonya' - 4.5/5

Absolutely fantastic! It's quite clear why Margot Robbie snagged an Oscar nomination, cause she is outstanding in it. The film wastes no time in telling the story. We see Tonya as a kid, a teenager and an adult. Robbie plays her in the latter two stages of her life and nails it. The ice-skating scenes were phenomenal and beautifully directed. This story is definitely much more engaging than a lot of the Oscar-nominated films for the year. I need also to mention the greatness that is Alison Janney in the role of Tonya Harding's Mum LaVona. If there is anything that will have you laughing - it's Janney's remarkable performance. The movie is worth watching just for her. Every scene she is in begs for more, and it's safe to say - she will win the award for Best Supporting Actress at this year's Academy Awards. The unique breaking of the fourth wall for a story like this added that extra cherry! This film is a must see..that's all I am saying.

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