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'A futile and stupid gesture' - 3/5

Netflix seems to be heavily promoting this - so is it worth a watch? Anyone who was a fan of National Lampoon from back in the day will enjoy and appreciate this movie. The story is about how this enterprise started in the 70's and features pretty much 90% of TV's comedic actors making a turn in some capacity. While it is your typical underdog becomes famous, it is still one worth a watch for the sake of Will Forte and getting a glimpse of what happened behind the scenes during some films. All the lead actors are remarkable (Domnhall Gleason who plays his writing partner gives a top-notch performance). The best bit was seeing Joel McHale as Chevy Chase. As a film, it is a hard one to recommend, as you needed to have watched a lot of 80's comedies to get a lot of the references. Would this be a Netflix gem? It's not one their best films. What this movie suffers from is subject matter that is not that engaging though interesting. A lot of that is probably due to a script that could have been funnier. However - for an easy weekend watch at home, it is acceptable.

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