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'Black Panther' - 4/5

A film that will be hard to dislike - 'Black Panther' sets itself as a standalone film in the Marvel universe. The storyline is simple, and you can't help notice the similarities between this film and The Lion King. As a person who is quite removed from the Marvel movies, I didn't find this tacky like the other ones. The cinematography was remarkable, and the production value was like the other films of this franchise. Now for the best bit - the political undertones. There were very good moments that we could discuss - commentary on privilege, immigration, race and financial equality were very strong. The performances are as good as what you could get from a superhero movie and the writing had some outstanding strong female characters. Fans of the Marvel universe will undoubtedly love this. Finally - the soundtack that features a lot of music by Kendrick Lamar is awesome!

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