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Game Night - 3.5/5

A thoroughly enjoyable and funny film that was very clever. It boasts a creative script and explores a subject of a Games Night that has not been done before. Yes - it is quite original. The cinema was in stitches during many moments of the film, and it had been a while since I had laughed out loud during a movie. The comedic timing of the cast assisted the film immensely - Jason Bateman who is in everything these days plays himself, and it's Regina George, sorry I mean Rachel McAdams that plays the best character (as she always does, in every film she is in). Cameos by Brooklyn Nine Nine's Chelsea Peretti and Michael C. Hall add the cherry on top and an underused Lamorne Morris had the funniest lines. Having said all of that - I would not consider it to be a cinema movie, as you might gain the same level of enjoyment watching it at home. However, if there is nothing else better you feel like watching (and if you have already seen 'Black Panther'), give this film a go.

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