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Red Sparrow - 1/5

A film that is problematic and non-progressive. This film reminds me of the 90's erotic thriller trash that used to star Sharon Stone. While there are some good visual moments and the camera just loves Jeniffer Lawrence - there was nothing much good about this movie. Equipped with a strong opening sequence, it goes downhill from the end of the opening credits. In the years of a push for progressive female representation on film, Red Sparrow takes a step as big as a mile backwards. Though the promotional material shows J.Law's character Dominika as kick-ass, she was weak and controlled by men for a lot of the film. The film was penned by a bloke named Justin Haythe, based off a novel by a bloke called Jason Matthews, and directed by a bloke named Francis Lawrence (whose previous credits include the crap ones of Hunger Games franchise). It is safe to say that this is the unfortunate outcome when male writers try writing 'strong' female characters. The outcome in this instance is an excuse for J.Law to show skin and attempt to get intimate with many male characters. All in all, we see J.Law tit (which I didn't need to see), a few penis flashes, two depictions of rape, and copious amounts of torture - all to apparently assist with the story. Anyway - I do not recommend this film. It's 2 hours and 20 minutes of your life you won't get back. A very disappointing and surprising choice from Jennifer Lawrence - I am blaming her new beau Darren Aronofsky.

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