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A Quiet Place - 3.5/5

I watched this film in its entirety at the edge of my seat hoping to not scream out loud at certain moments. While the trailer does not give too much away, it covers what you need to know about the film. The plot is not complicated. A family have to remain quiet in a town. A particular incident creates sound and aggravates a species of creature leading to grave danger. The movie is mainly about survival as what we see in the trailer. Yet, with its simple plot, it nails what we want from a thriller - an edge of your seat experience, and yes, we get that here. With box office mainly being dominated by blockbusters and media and people choosing to speak about them, A Quiet Place is sure to break through with its originality. Emily Blunt as always brings her A-game. With a film like this, where characters are on the edge at all times, casting is important. A bad performance (like J.Lo in every thriller), can make the film a joke. Emily Blunt's performance manages to have you empathise with her character really well. She is a remarkable actress, and though never been Oscar nominated (shocking!!), films like this remind us of how talented she is. John Krasinski in his mainstream film debut does some great work behind the camera. With such a simple idea, he gives the film a lot of heart and suspense. If you are a fan of thrillers, I recommend you give this a go. Don't expect something groundbreaking, just be prepared to be at the edge of your seat.

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