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I Feel Pretty - 0.5/5

A cringe-worthy horrible film about being confident though everyone will keep laughing at you and think you are stupid. If it was trying to send a powerful message about beauty, it fails abysmally. What I got from the film was - 1. You may feel beautiful, but at the end of the day, a man needs to validate it for it to mean anything. 2. If you don't feel beautiful, buy lots of makeup. Amy Schumer has clearly reached an absolute low with this production. All the time while watching it, I tried so hard to like it, but instead, I just kept thinking "this is just stupid!" at every scene. The 0.5 goes to Michelle Williams, who has a bizarre role but was the best thing about it. This was no place for a four-time Academy Nominated actor. She should fire her agent for even suggesting she be part of this project. Just avoid this film. It's not worth your time. We may hear more about this movie at next year's Razzies.

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