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Tully - 4/5

A very real depiction of motherhood that has never been explored before by Hollywood. In a spoiler free synopsis, Tully tells the story of having a little help to get you through a struggle - in this instance a 20 something year old night nanny to look after a newborn. What we have in this production, is the perfect synergy of director Jason Reitman, writer Diablo Cody and the fantastic Charlize Theron (who reminds us why she won her Oscar in 2004). They all worked before on 2011's brilliant Young Adult and once again do some outstanding work with this movie. Theron's character Marlo is played to perfection. She reportedly gained weight for the film, to make her performance more real and it took her over a year to shed her gained weight. While it's not the right timing, I hope she ends up being listed for a nomination at next year's Oscars - it would be a well-deserved accolade. Credit should also be given to Mackenzie Davis, who plays the title character of Tully in a quirky fashion. Given its release date, the target audience would be those looking for a Mother's day movie. With its intense subject matter, not too sure if a Mothers day date is a good idea, however it is definitely worth a watch.

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