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Deadpool 2 - 3.5/5

A lot of people will flock to see this because of their love of the first film. As always with any sequel, you do not know what to expect as it is still a challenge to keep fans happy. If you think of the first Deadpool, fans like myself loved the crude humour, its throwback to sad side of Hollywood, and seeing a superhero character that was no "normal." In this sequel, the producers tend to tread very carefully with giving audiences exactly what they want. There is plenty of funny moments, crude humour galore and a mountain of pop culture references. This is enhanced by an engaging story, which introduces some very well written characters. Ryan Reynold's over the top performance probably didn't work in his favour this time around, but it doesn't ruin the film. In this sequel, we see a more sexually fluid superhero, and that was just awesome. Josh Brolin's role as Cable was well cast, and I couldn't help but wonder if all the references to Barbra Streisand in this film was because Brolin's dad is married to her. Kiwi actor Julian Dennison's work as Russell was hilarious. The on-screen time of both characters worked remarkably in the film. I found the racism to be a bit problematic (DP refers to a character as YuGiOh due to her Asian descent- and we are expected to laugh). While this was very minimal, Hollywood should not be encouraging scripts with such content. All in all - this was a good film. If you liked the first one, this one would keep you content.

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