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Hereditary - 3/5

If you have seen the posters for this film, it is branded the scariest movie - some using the saying "scariest film ever!" It's easy to be swayed by all this press and expect to be scared tremendously. If you got to see the trailer, it probably adds to the feel of how eerie the movie is. Seeing it today, all I can say is, it is not that scary. To be honest, it's "Fake news!" - Perhaps it's not "that" scary is what I am trying to articulate. The first 100 minutes of the film was one big hullabaloo featuring quite an impressive performance by Toni Collette. The last 20 minutes was the winner with the chilling bits of horror. To be honest, the trailer gave pivotal parts of the plot away, and that was seriously disappointing. As for the story - if we were to remove the horror fro the story, it was quite engaging. It did have a lot to offer, and was nice to see something slightly different. But as it is branded so strongly as a horror movie, this will be a short review as the horror is really just hype.

Ps - 'The Conjuring' was scarier!

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