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Ocean's Eight - 4/5

There has been a lot of apprehension about this film-  and to be honest, there doesn't need to because it's actually good. You cannot have Sandy and Cate in a film and expect it to be just can't! In an era when "all female remakes" gets an eye roll from most movie-goers (not from me- in fact, I found the all female Ghostbusters remake to be far more superior than the original..!), this movie was no exception. The difference is, this is not a remake or reboot, it's a continuation of a con's story - with women. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchette lead this film and bag a very talented cast. Helena Bonham-Carter was hilarious, Mindy Kaling (again - underused), like always had the amazing comedic timing, Anne Hathaway is perfectly cast as the spoiled actress. Do not underestimate Rihanna in this film- she didn't have a big part but does a great job in her little part. Akwafina and Sarah Paulson complete the cast - and as you'd expect from Paulson, she nails her part and Awkwafina is the perfect addition to complete the cast. The story is well told and engaging, and the cameos are out of control! The odes to the first film give it a nice touch and though not Soderbergh, is still quality. In summary - was it a good film? Yes, it was! The glitz, glamour and couture were an added bonus. Watch this film if you like to see an awesome story played by a bunch of very talented actors. Seriously - in the midst of Avengers and Solo: A Star Wars story, and the current male-dominated box office, this is a breath of fresh air. 

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