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Incredibles 2 - 2.5/5

It took 14 years for fans to wait for this sequel with anticipation. I was not one of these fans. Saw the first film today - and while it wreaked of toxic masculinity, it was 2004 and times were different. So the sequel - the trailers seemed promising as it sort of led us to believe it is progressive. So maybe it is - but it is written and directed by Brad Bird and then it dawned on me why something was not right - it fell into the typical trope when certain male screenwriters pen 'strong female' characters. The whole thing comes across as forced. We have had more progressive animated films in the past, and this tends to fail in that area. So now taking the feminist hat off - was it a good movie? It was mediocre and juvenile at the best of times and lacked humour when compared to the first one. It was good to see the character of Edna in this as well (Edna is voiced by writer and director Brad Bird!), and since Holly Hunter was back in the spotlight because of last year's 'The Big Sick' she probably had free time to do this film. I am sure fans of the first film will be in love with everything this film has to offer, however, this is worth waiting for a DVD release. Finally - (feminist hat back on!) - if they do a third one and they want to make it empowering and progressive, I hope Brad Bird passes his screenwriting duties over to Mindy Kaling!

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