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Mamma Mia! Here we go again - 3.5/5

News of this movie certainly had people thinking it was going to be terrible. It actually is not that bad. If you saw Mamma Mia: The Movie in 2008, you would know how poorly it was executed on screen. The whole film felt like a melodramatic mess with some decent covers of Abba music and Pierce Brosnan's water buffalo voice. Is this sequel better? Yes it is. I believe we are more accepting of the camp and tacky nature of a Mamma Mia franchise this time around. The flamboyant choreography, the costumes and the music seem better in this sequel. The key in its success lies with the fact that the film does not take itself seriously. It's purpose is to not send a message or teach us anything, its existence is purely escapism.

Lily James may look nothing like Meryl Streep, but we can forgive that as she is brilliant in everything she does. In this she sings - and yes, she is great. Amanda Seyfried who has matured significantly as an actress looks like she was just taking a vacation the whole time. The three dad's (Brosnan, Firth and Skarsgård) and friends (Baranski and Walters) seemed to have happily squeezed this in their spare time, and like Seyfried, seems to just purely have fun and enjoy a paid vacation to Greece. Last but not least (...drumroll) - Cher! The immortal Cher. She comes in, she is fabulous, she steals the scenes. Her face barely moves, she gives some wicked advice, sings two songs and her work is done. Clearly...the best bit of the movie. Amidst all the movies that deal with superheroes and action, it is just nice to enjoy some brainless fluff. I went in knowing what was to come and I got something more.

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