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Book Club - 1/5

I am confused as to how four seasoned veteran actresses, whose careers have spanned across multiple decades could collaborate to produce this disaster. When the trailer for this was first released, I thought this film could be empowering and funny. What we end up getting near 2 hour tacky, badly acted waste of talent. Usually, films like this have the capability of not taking itself seriously, but this is not one of them. I feel as if the producers really wanted this to be a great film, but the equation just didn't add up quite right. While the message of older women owning their sexuality could have been a remarkable topic to explore, and this could have been an empowering movie featuring 3 renowned feminists (Fonda, Keaton and Bergen), it ends up weak and fluffy. The acting is surprisingly terrible - especially from Fonda, and the stories of each women end up being like older caricatures ripped off from Sex and the City. The only good thing about this was seeing Alicia Silverstone in another movie. She plays Keaton's daughter, and I wanted to see her in more scenes.

Anyway - my advice - do not watch this film. There's posters around Melbourne promoting it, and it's not worth your time. If you are curious, wait for it on DVD, and then have it as background noise.

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