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'Crazy Rich Asians'- 4.5/5

With a title like 'Crazy Rich Asians', you can't help but wonder if it is offensive in the present or if one day we are going to look back and think that naming it that was a bad idea. Regardless, this film is important, funny and showcases a culture that has not been explored in mainstream Hollywood. The plot is simple and not really original - girl and boy fall in love, boy is rich, girl has no idea, boy's family opposes.. and then I think you can guess the rest. However, that is not the point. It brings in and challenges a whole new dimension to what people know and identify as privilege. The socialite wealthy hierarchy of the Singaporean culture is explored in this film, and it's compared to how American values has no place in it. Throw in a lot of humour - with an exceptional performance by Awkwafina, a love story for the hopeless romantics and you get the best Rom Com since Bridesmaids. There need to be special mentions to the brilliant performances of Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh who reminds us she is the boss and we are not to forget that. This could easily be in my top 5 this year. It's progressive, funny and has a heart. The formula just works. Watch this movie! I strongly recommend it.

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