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Christopher Robin - 4/5

Amongst all the movies released this year trying to make statements, change norms or just silly superhero movies, Christopher Robin is a G Rated treat featuring all the characters we loved as kids in a live action format. We all know Winnie The Pooh and have at some point in our childhood been exposed to merchandise, books, movies or had a friend that did. What I am trying to articulate is that this is a film for everyone and only the wicked at heart could hate it. The premise is simple and very Disney. Christopher Robin is no longer the child in the forest with his friends. He is a manager at a luggage company, has a family of his own, and has forgotten what happiness is all about. Enter Pooh who comes back to remind him. To say this movie is 'cute' is an underestimation. It takes adorability to a whole new level. We have never seen these characters in live action, and that adds to the novelty of this film. Ewan McGregor's interpretation of an adult, stressed Robin is executed remarkably. The only other actor who I believe could have done equally well would be Benedict Cumberbatch. McGregor's interaction with Pooh will melt your heart and may induce tears to those that have the sense of motion picture emotional fragility. As per Disney, there is a message and it's beautiful. While this is not a must watch, it is a recommendation I would suggest as a family film.

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