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A Simple Favour - 3/5

The trailers and promos for this film certainly kept the plot a mystery. I went into this knowing the very minimum. There is a girl that goes missing and her best friend has decided to look for her. So is that pretty much the story? Well - yes, but to say more will be giving the plot away. However I can tell you that it has some horrible characters that were reminiscent of Rosamund Pike's Gone Girl character. Anna Kendrick provides a very Kendrick performance. She is quirky and innocent and you can't help but love her. Blake Lively who steals the show reminds us that when she is no longer Serena Van De Woodson. Henry Goulding capitalises on his Crazy Rich Asians fame to be yet another love interest. Kudo's go to Lively's wardrobe - her sense of style in this film was remarkable. Finally - was it enjoyable? Yes it was. It was also strange and really unlike Paul Feig. Anyway - if you are looking for something a bit light, watch Crazy Rich Asians. I do not know where I can place this film, it is probably a DVD movie in my opinion.

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