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Ladies in Black - 2.5/5

It seems like Screen Australia did invest a lot on promoting this film. So is it any good? Well, I found it mediocre at best. There are so many reasons why this film was just average. Let’s start with the production quality (sets and actors make up)– the sets seemed like a Channel 10 telemovie, and the green screen was too obvious. When that’s the backdrop of the film, you are not off to the best start. The next was the acting Julia Ormond was the best actor, and even though in a small role, Noni Hazlehurst in a small role was welcoming, and by Ryan Corr’s exaggerated character of the Hungarian immigrant Rudi brought some comic relief. Everyone else fell flat. Rachael Taylor’s performance was bland and her co-stars were the same and the protagonist newcomer Angourie Rice's acting was emotionless. The biggest problem was that there was just no chemistry within any of the actors. We are meant to be convinced that Shane Jacobson’s character is the protagonist Lesley’s dad and Susie Porter’s character is her mum, but there was no chemistry. It seemed like they were just picked from nowhere, shoved in a house and asked to play family. Finally – is the script. It could have been so much better. There were so many tacky moments that should have been written out. The only powerful aspect of this was the commentary on the European migration from the 50’s and the reaction of the change from white Australia. I really wanted to love this film, but I couldn't. Don't bother going to the cinemas, it will end up on ABC-I-view, and you can watch it then.

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