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Venom - 0.5/5

The trailers and promos seem promising, but critics have hated it - are they right? In this instance, yes they are! I watched this movie with a sullen feeling eye-rolling at every other scene. So what went wrong? 1. The script - The script seems like it was written in the 90's. When movies these days are trying to be more progressive with the language and attitudes in film, Venom feels like we are back in the 90's. The sense of entitlement, macho privilege nature of Eddie Brock disgusted me, and the weak female characters were very disappointing. To top it off, the tacky nature of the dialogue was a bit cringeworthy. 2. The acting - perhaps Tom Hardy is better acting when his face is covered. Anyway, we have Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams in a film that is a Marvel movie? I hope she fires her agent for suggesting it. It's a massive step back and just weird. Her performance was very mediocre. Riz Ahmed's talent was also wasted in this. 3. The storytelling - it took so long for the character Venom to come into the scene. Besides that, the story is not an interesting one. It was dull and if this film didn't exist, it would not matter. So I am guessing regarldess of the crappy nature of this film, Marvel fans (who are majority straight men), will flock to cinemas to watch this dick flick and we are going to endure sequels. Finally, the least Tom Hardy could have done is take his shirt off or flash some skin if he is going to give us a film this bad. Anyway - just wait for it on DVD and have it in the background.

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