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First Man - 3.5/5

It has taken a while for someone so significant as Neil Armstrong to have their story made into a film. Was the wait worth it? Probably. Damian Chazelle's take on First Man, was part boring, part interesting but definitely brilliantly acted. Let's explore the boring bit first - the first 45 minutes covered Armstrong's personal life. While this was an important story to tell, it had a disconnect to the broader story. It dragged a lot and I kept wondering when are we going to get see more action. The next hour and a half, turned things around and proved to be fascinating. Having never known the story before the actual landing, it was something I was intrigued by. A lot of the engagement was due to Chazelle's great direction. Ryan Gosling's emotional performance is sure to get him a few accolades come Oscar season but the stand out was Claire Foy. Her performance was powerful and the best thing about the movie. Finally - a minus point for a film of this nature made in this climate. When we are trying to get a more diverse representation of people on screen, making a movie with majority straight white men, is a bit disappointing. While it's obvious that is is the truth and it's representation of how it was at the time, perhaps don't make a film like this at all. Anyway. Rant over! Yes - this is worth watching in the cinemas. If you are claustrophobic, I would avoid it completely. But overall, a good attempt at a biopic.

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