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A Star is Born - 4.5/5

So this is the 4th remake, and if you have seen the Barbara Streisand version from the 70's, this does tend to have a bit of that charm. Cooper opens the film as the drunken Jackson, and to be honest we are not really on his side from the beginning. He is an alcoholic but yet a talented musician. It doesn't take long for us to meet Ally played by Gaga. In less than 2 minutes of gracing the screen, Ally is seen screaming in the toilets exclaiming the phrase 'Fucking men!' after a tiresome phone call with someone she is seeing. So I would like to take a moment to focus on the best bit of the film- that was the remarkable, talented Lady Gaga. It's quite clear that this film is not about Bradley Cooper, but Lady Gaga. Well, while its subject matter revolves around him, no one really cares about his character, we are looking at Ally. Singer to Acting transitions have always been a risky attempt - I mean not even Beyonce got it right, and you may be the Queen of Pop, but boy did even Madonna have trouble with it. I believe it's safe to say that Gaga is officially music royalty and to headline a big budget film was certainly risky. However, in A Star is Born, she grabs the bull by the horns and absolutely nails a heart wrenching and raw performance, that is easily the best singer to actor transitions in the last 3 decades. If there is any reason to see this film - she is worth it.There was also an acknowledgement to her LGBTQI fan base with the cameos by some Queens from the RuPaul's Drag Race franchise. The chemistry Cooper and Gaga have is impeccable and believable and it just captured the essence of romance. As someone that identifies as a feminist, I put all my ideals of feminism aside. This was a love story for adults and they had just worked the formula so well, I just couldn't help but be engaged. So should you watch this? This combines music and romance. It's not tacky, it's just beautiful. It's a love story. Watch it if that's your jam. Finally, if you are a fan of Lady Gaga - just watch it.

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