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Halloween - 4/5

The recent reviews of this film have been largely positive and while you may wonder 'Not ANOTHER Halloween film!' as you see the promotional material, do not disregard this. The critics are right - this is truly a horror gem that is reminiscent of the brilliant slasher films from back in the day. However, what we have here for a change is a lead performance that is truly remarkable. Jamie Lee Curtis plays Laurie Strode once again - but the difference is that this is a direct sequel to the first Halloween, by-passing the other 4 films. Curtis' take as Laurie is a victim of trauma. She has had her entire life affected by PTSD caused my Michael Myers. Her family relationships are strained and she lives an isolated life. Her hair is grey, and she is not wearing a lot of make-up. Her performance is solid, tough and for someone that is synonymous with the term Scream Queen, she is not screaming for a second in this film. She is ready for battle and wants to defeat her nemesis. I can easily see why this was labelled the perfect horror film for the #MeToo movement. As per the other films in the series, the plot is not complicated. Myers is on the loose again - he stabs and kills a lot of people and needs to be stopped. The difference is that it is directed really well, it has a good script and hence does not come across as tacky. If you are a fan of horror, especially the slasher type, watch this film. It is really well made.

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