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Widows - 4/5

When you have Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn as writers to a film, you can't help think that you cannot go wrong. What we have here is a very well crafted thriller featuring some stellar performances by female actors. The premise is simple, three women collude to finish off their ex-husband's final heist. Their lives are threatened as their husbands stole a lot of money from a dangerous politician. Viola Davis spearheads the mission and the rest of the movie happens gracefully in a good pace and the result is an amazing movie with an inclusive cast. Viola Davis is as always phenomenal. Her performance is strong and emotional and her character Veronica is hard hitting and powerful. Her team is filled with Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki and Cynthia Erivo. It is important to note that these characters are not written as just women, but something deeper. Each actress plays a character from different socio-economic backgrounds, each to their own, exposing an ugly side of American society. While these characters bring a lot of depth to this film, we also get a very graphic exposure to the corrupt nature of the local political scene. The character of Jack Mulligan played by a fierce Collin Farrell provides the dimension of straight white male privilege so explicitly, it provides an alternate commentary to all the events happening simultaenously. All in all - this is more than a heist movie. It is a commentary on so many topical subjects you are left a bit torn, a bit optimistic and perhaps bittersweet. To truly enjoy this film, you need to be in the right frame of mind. It is easily one of the best films of the year and a strong recommendation.

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