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Dumplin'- 4/5

Someone asked me recently if there has ever been a good Netflix film. Well, I can say now, that's a Yes! Thanks to Dumplin'. Let's face it, we have learned to accept mediocrity from Netflix when it comes to their movies. Films like 'To all the boys I've loved before' and 'Alex Strangelove' were good but not great. They were popular cause they were cute. Let's focus on Dumplin' - while this film is not 'great' either, it is definitely better than good. The weak point in this film is its start. The build-up is slow and it struggles to gain momentum. However, about 30 minutes into it, once the film starts to unravel, it's funny and powerful. The message this film sends is remarkably great - and as the trailer suggests, it's all about challenging the standards of beauty and the rules that govern the institution of beauty pageants. While this could have easily been cheesy and tacky as the whole concept of 'inner beauty' has been explored in different avenues in film, Dumplin' makes it empowering. Packed with a soundtrack by the icon Dolly Parton, this ends up being a fierce feminist movie. In the title role of Dumplin', Danielle Macdonald is fantastic. Her performance is absolutely heartwarming. Jeniffer Aniston is an absolute show stealer. As the cold yet loving mum, Aniston moves from the rom-com genre to a role that we have never seen her do. She has never been a bad actress, and she fits in extremely well in this new type of role. This is a film that will be enjoyed by many people. Given that it's on Netflix, it is easily accessible for viewing. Watch it, enjoy Dolly and feel empowered by the movie. I certainly did.

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