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Bird Box - 0.5/5 (A horrendous Netflix movie)

The film's premise did seem a bit strange, however Sandra Bullock seemed to be the promise that could be the movie's saving grace. However, I was very wrong. Netflix is soon going to be the next Lifetime channel - once again we have another crap movie that features a talented and wasted cast. This is one predictable post-apocalyptic hullabaloo that could easily be compared to an SNL skit. In fact, I would place this in the same league as 'The Happening.' So here's the premise - people need to cover their eyes as a virus is making people kill themselves. The movie goes back and forth to how the virus started to where it is now with Sandra Bullock's character trekking down a river with her 2 kids blindfolded. The idea is seriously lame. You then throw in a poorly written screenplay with lines like "WE ARE NEVER GETTING OUT OF HERE!" and acting that is lower than mediocrity, you end up with an awful Netflix film that is begging to be taken seriously. The performances seemed like none of the actors were even trying to work, they were just wondering about aimlessly blurting out lines looking panicked. Sandra Bullock's performance is a disappointment, though she is the best thing about it. John Malkovich's presence is annoying and cringe-worthy and Jackie Weaver's time is wasted. So many moments of the movie had me giggling, cause it was just so bad. Fans of the post-apocalyptic theme, may find some positive in this catastrophe. As someone who is indifferent to the genre- I found this film to be lame and silly! Watch this at your own risk.

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