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Mary Poppins Returns - 4.5/5

Fans of the original are either looking forward to it or very apprehensive of what this movie could be. As someone who was both a fan and as someone who had a slight apprehension, I was divinely content. Probably more that just content. This sequel is plays tribute to the old school musicals and had the rhythm and charm of the original. Every song made me smile and I felt like applauding after each one as they were just catchy and brilliant. Emily Blunt is perfectly cast as Mary Poppins.While it is east to keep comparing her to Julie Andrews, she is not trying to be her. She brings the charisma of the character from the 60's film and adds a feel of her own, making her own the character completely. I cannot credit Lin-Manuel Miranda for his brilliant work on the score. It would have been a challenge to live up to the brand that was set by the 1964 classic, and he certainly exceeds our expectations. With a surprise cameo by Meryl Streep that is the perfect cherry on the cake, Mary Poppins Returns easily makes it one of the best films I have seen this year. This is not for the people who have issues with masculinity, as it's camp, colorful and just fabulous. If you have a family, take them with you- you are sure to have a treat!

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