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Aquaman - 2/5

Let me begin by saying, this is not the type of film I would usually watch. A blokey male protagonist saving the world is a trope that I least enjoy. Anyway - I decided to put all apprehensions aside and enjoy the cool cinema on a day that was 42 degrees outside. So, as I expected - it's not a good film. The overdone trope of the long-lost brother coming in to take over the throne is used here yet again, and truthfully it's an eye-roll-worthy moment. The entire storyline is just basic and very predictable. I am guessing the writers pretty much are relying on Jason Mamoa's good looks to draw audiences into cinema. Guess that worked as this has spent 3 weeks at number one in America. Back to Mamoa's Aquaman - in this day where we have progressive comic book films like Black Panther, we get a film that feeds into the male stereotype. One big blokey dude who loves to get angry and fight...groundbreaking! This is just what we do not need from film. To add to that, it unintentionally boasts a commentary on male entitlement/privilege, where we see  the women working hard and be hard done by, while  the men have their 'achievements' just handed to them. Such a wonderful message to deliver to young adults watching this film!  Now the best bit - the female characters, who were very well written. In her turn as Mera, Amber Heard is fantastic. Her performance was excellent, and her character was developed throughout the film remarkably. Next is the phenomenal Nicole Kidman who had a commanding presence as his Mum Atlanna. Though very briefly present, she is the best thing about the movie.  While the action sequences may keep many viewers content, I sat in the cinema dispassionate. Once it ended, I was happy. Guess it wasn't too much of a bad decision in spending 2 hours keeping cool on a hot day. DC fans will love it.. they usually love anything DC don't they? *sigh*

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