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What men want - 4/5

When I heard this was in pre-production, I was skeptical. As a fan of all female remakes, I was just hoping this would not be about a woman reading men's thoughts to date them. When the trailer came out, I was left feeling positive again. Right - over to the film. It's not an intelligent movie, and it's not trying to be. The movie does not try to take itself seriously but instead, the purpose is for everyone to have fun, laugh and have a good time while it sends the audience a message. It follows the structure of any romantic comedy and they are not ashamed of it. However, what makes this movie unique is that we have a female person of color leading a film about tearing down the patriarchy, breaking the glass ceiling and being funny at the same time. While other actresses have done roles where they challenge the system, this film picks a more appealing platform to send a message- Comedy. Taraji P Henson leads this movie in a way that is not even comparable to Mel Gibson. She is funny, quirky and makes the film a success. Second comedic snaps go to Erykah Badu who plays the psychic Sister. Her comedic timing and character look gave the film a remarkable secondary comic relief. Finally snaps to the soundtrack! Hearing old school R 'n' B gave it a nostalgic touch - having En-Vogue, TLC and Destiny's Child in the background of certain scenes gave it more character. I really enjoyed this film as a feminist comedy with a mild romantic touch. You will too, if you don't expect Shawshank Redemption, but instead expect a light hearted funny film with a much-needed message.

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