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Isn't in Romantic - 4/5

Another awesome Netflix film. So I have always had a soft spot for Rebel Wilson. To many people, she is annoying and unfunny, however - her sense of humour is one that I fancy. So in that same spirit of typical Rebel Wilson style, we get 'Isn't it Romantic.' While there are movie spoof's of Rom-Com's in the past, this film's take is different. As Natalie, Wilson is stuck in a Rom Com where she is the leading lady. Cliches get thrown about explicitly, and Wilson's comedic charms work amazingly well in each scene. Yes, she does bring comical attention to herself, but she tries to make a strong point - and that is the depiction of women in these Rom Coms feel too perfect. In fact, there is a really well written scene between her and Whitney (played by GLOW's Betty Gilpin) around the Rom Com genre - and that is: are we okay to accept romantic comedies as pure fluff and escapism, or is it damaging to women contributing to a false sense of hope with falling in love whilst providing a lack of realism about with romanticism and the people around you. While a lot of people may find this film a bit over the top, it's the point it's trying to make about the genre. Finally, kudos to the soundtrack. Bringing back 90's music like Donna Lewis and Annie Lennox gives you that twinge of nostalgia. Seeing Rebel Wilson breakout to Madonna, probably got this film an additional point.Give this film a chance - you may really enjoy it.

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