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Hotel Mumbai - 1.5/5

Screen Australia served as a producer to this movie, that was mostly filmed in Adelaide..interesting. The trailer for the film proved to be quite decent. While not giving too much away, it still showed to be looking like an engaging thriller. The casting of Armie Hamer was pure tokenism to attract Western audiences, and I was hoping his story would be minor (and yes it was). Okay, now for the film - while it can be classed as an average thriller, this film does not get the story straight and ends up being Islamophobic and racist. While there could have been a compelling story to be told that showed the repercussions of corrupt politics and the partition, we get a cringe-worthy tale of terrorism told from a white lens. This film ends up being the perfect example of irresponsible film making. Without providing any background to what is happening, we get shown a tale that adds fuel to the fire of the world's perception of Islam. This film has left me feeling very agitated and angry, and the publicity it is receiving is very problematic. It is tragic to see diversity on screen being given a poorly executed tale. You may watch this film and love it or like me just find it irresponsible, either way - its films like this that influence society's opinions in a manner that is detrimental. Shame on Screen Australia for producing it! I give it 1.5 for its representation of racial diversity.

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