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The Dirt - 0.5/5

After the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rock Biopics have made a sudden surge in popularity. So we have The Dirt - a Netflix movie based on Mötley Crüe. Based on the book written collectively by all band members, the movie is an exploration of the band's rise to fame and everything that went along with it. Okay - so I am done using delicate language to describe this film. While this movie itself is one disgusting piece of trash, we get to see what happens when a bunch entitlement men get given influence. If this was meant to be a "shock" movie, maybe it might do the trick for some people, to me - it paints a revolting picture of the four band members. If that is the truth of who they are- misogynists pigs with no sense of shame (we see a band member copy Ozzy Osbourne by peeing on the ground and then licking it), then this film really should not have been made. Why waste time telling the story of a bunch of male lunatics from the 80's?  There are stories in the past that could be left behind and this could have been one of them. As someone who identifies as a feminist, I felt completely outside of my comfort zone watching this dick flick! To be honest, I have had to watch in parts, cause it was way too much to handle in one go. Movies like this need to fail as we do not need to see films about badly behaved men who are unfortunately glorified by some. That happens in real life too often and we don't need to see it on screen.

The only good thing was seeing Heather Locklear as a character. 

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