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Us - 4/5

After the success of Get Out in 2017, Jordan Peele's work as a director took him in a new direction. Being mainly a comedian, this could have gone either way. Was it just a one time luck scenario? Well we had Us to wait for. In Us, Peele gives us an outstanding tale that is scary and clever. There are so many dimensions to this, you do not know where to start. At least for Peele, he has survived a sophomore slump. The premise of Us is simple - the Wilson family are on holiday. They are ambushed by another family who are their doppelgängers. Things go into chaos from then on. You are at the edge of your seat the whole time. There's more to the story than what you see in the trailer and the ending is just super satisfying. The one thing that makes this film work is the remarkable performance by the formidable Lupita Nyong'o. While playing both characters, we are reminded of how talented she is and why she nabbed that Oscar a few years back. To be honest, she should get a nomination for her work in this. Second to her is Elizbeth Moss. We know she is brilliant. She has the Midas touch to everything she is in. This is no exception. Topped with a really well-written story and a classic hip hop soundtrack, Us is going to be a work of art that will be remembered as a horror classic. Watch this movie if you are a fan of horror. There is a strong chance you will not be disappointed.

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