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Top End Wedding - 5/5

It is an understatement to say that Australian cinema has a long way to go in terms of our quality. However, when a film like Top End Wedding comes out, it's a firm reminder of the fact that our industry is completely capable of being amazing. With very little promotion, I found out about this film through ads on social media, and some posters at boutique cinemas in Melbourne. I decided to trust the quality of the film, being a fan of Miranda Tapsell. Ever since The Sapphires, I have been a fan of her work. From the start, the movie sets its comedic tone and it does not let down. Tapsell leads the film with a heartwarming, comic and just a pure outstanding performance. The storyline is simple - Lauren (Tapsell), wants to get married in Darwin, and decides to find her Mum who has left her Dad momentarily. Representing very strong themes of indigenous identity, closure and family - Top End Wedding is the best Australian film since 2012's The Sapphires. It is definitely the most progressive Australian film I have ever seen. The female characters dominate this movie and it's not overbearing in any way. The importance of the mother-daughter bond will move you to tears. I highly recommend this movie if you are wondering what to watch next at the cinemas. Amidst all the dick flicks and Superhero bullshit, this film outshines them all.

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