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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile - 3/5

Usually, Zac Efron and Good Acting don't get used in a sentence together. However this is the exception to this rule. Extremely Wicked tells the story of Ted Bundy during his highly publicised trial during the '70s and '80s as he vehemently denies his guilt. To be honest, in hindsight it is quite a creepy take on the story of serial killer. Bundy is shown here to be passionate and kind, loving his partners - a personality that is rarely explored with this subject matter. It also makes you feel uncomfortable. I would not call this a bad movie, it's just different and makes you wonder what people were thinking and reacting as it was happening. Footage of fans of Bundy attending the trial are shown describing him as someone charismatic and dreamy, though he is on trial for murder. If that doesn't make you feel unsettled, there's plenty more in the film that will. Zac Efron is the saving grace of the movie. You would think it is an odd casting, but it is bold choice that works. While the resemblance is quite mild, I am guessing it is Efron's good looks that were the deciding factor as the director wanted to transpose the charismatic nature of Bundy through Efron. Director Joe Berlinger, who seems to have a bit of a fascination with murders, does an acceptable job directing this movie. As it is just a Netflix movie, it is worth a watch and not a complete waste of time.

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