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Rocketman - 4.5/5

With the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, rock biopics are a hot commodity. They didn't take long to announce the release of Rocketman, and the casting of Taron Egerton seemed to be the perfect choice. So when you have all your ducks lined up, how does the movie play out? In the case of Rocketman, exceptionally well. The movie starts with Elton John crashing into an AA meeting and telling his life story. Using his music, the story unravels. We end up getting a beautiful story of a drug using, talented dickhead that gave us some of the most famous songs in the English speaking world. This biopic can be called 'unconventional' - and this is a positive for this movie. While making it part musical, and part use of story to show a song performance, the fantasy element adds another dimension to it making the cinematography a worthy mention All in all the equation to make a memorable biopic fits perfectly. Another aspect that this film does that no other biopic has done, it the fearless task of showing an icon as a person who is not nice to be around. Elton John's behaviour in this film is shown as quite deplorable and was probably true; the fact that they made sure this was in the film was remarkable. They didn't hold anything back on his sexuality either, and for a mainstream film, it was great to see. The next thing people will be talking about it, is the amazingness of Taron Egerton who embodies Elton to perfection. His sheer imitation of the icon is worthy of an Oscar win. Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin is worthy of a mention too. The chemistry between the two, is exactly how you would expect the two to have got along with each other. Finally, Taron doing all his own singing, outlines the right decision on the choice of actor. This is not an actor turned singer, but Taron is clearly a trained actor and singer. There were rumours in the past that Justin Timberlake was in talks to play Elton, however it was great that the producers decided to wait for the perfect choice. Whether you are a fan of Elton or not, this is still a good movie to watch. How does this compare to Bohemian Rhapsody? The latter is bin juice compared to Rocketman.

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