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Men in Black: International - 3.5/5

There has been a lot of mixed views on the need for another Men in Black film, especially with no Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. So is this film worth it? With the poorly received MIB 3, the franchise was left in a bad place and some form of proper closure was needed. So this is our closure - MIB International. Boasting an amazing cast with Emma Thompson, Rebecca Ferguson and even Liam Neeson, the movie is not amazing, but it certainly was fun. Telling us a different story, we meet Molly - played by the amazing Tessa Thompson going back to her childhood where she sees the Men in Black for the first time. Fast forward 20 years later, she is now part of the force, partnered up with Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth reminds us that he is neither a good actor nor is he funny. His looks get him roles and next to Tessa Thompson is pretty talentless. That in itself plays interestingly in the commentary the film delivers on how he uses his looks and charisma to win cases and get ahead in his career, while others need to work hard. In a different approach, we get a pawn that is voiced hilariously by Kumail Nanjiani. He has some of the funniest lines in the movie. Finally is Dame Emma Thompson. She is capable of making anything she is in awesome and memorable. Her character was fantastic, and I wish I had seen more of her. So after all of that, why is this film only just fun and not amazing? I blame the direction. Some of the scenes felt dragged and unnecessary. Some of the film was also predictable. However, it is all forgivable. Fans of the franchise may not like it cause it doesn't have Smith and Jones. However, Hemsworth and Thompson are a worthy alternative. Watch this film if you have seen the other films and want something light and fun on the weekend.

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