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Spider-man: Far From Home - 3.5/5

As a superhero skeptic, I was once again unsure of how this film will turn out. Having grown up on the Tobey Maguire franchise and then being baffled seeing the Andrew Garfield one in 2012, this Tom Holland franchise was nearly a 'are you fucking kidding me?' moment for Hollywood. However, on being told that Zendaya was cast as MJ, it did tweak my interest a bit. Throw in the awesome the Maria Tomei as Aunt May, I thought maybe this could be good. So here's my issue - regardless of how much you want to spin a superhero story, the timeless trope of a straight man saving the day makes me cringe! So I do not watch it for Spider-Man, I watch it for the supporting characters that bring out his character. So how does that work in Far From Home? I was pleasantly surprised at what a decent job this leg of the franchise has handled its female characters. MJ was the best thing about this movie too, and like its first film she was not written as helpless. The story-line was bearable too, and even if you are not a superhero fan, it is enjoyable. What makes it work? Well for starters - the movie is just over 2 hours, and not overbearing. The humor in it is actually funny, and a large part of that is cause of Jacob Batalon who was hilarious as Peter Parker's sidekick Ned. So should you watch this movie? Perhaps - if you want something fun. However, if you see a poster at your cinemas titled 'Booksmart' - watch that instead (Yes I am being biased!)

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