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Once upon a time in..Hollywood - 0/5

After 2 hours and 45 minutes, hasn't Quentin Tarantino learned just to reduce his film time, especially when the story he is trying to tell is just mundane and unnecessary? Probably not, because he could probably recreate a shot for shot remake of Glitter with Mariah Carey and critics will love it cause his name's attached to it. So let's have a look at this abomination of the movie that a lot of alpha men are going to absolutely applaud at. There is no plot. The stories are all over the place. In the end we have something that is barely worth a cent of the entry price. Leonardo DiCaprio (let's face it - is so bloody overrated) plays a bloke and Brad Pitt (who only got places cause he was once good looking) also plays a bloke. As it is set in the 60's, they play dickhead blokes. Don't think it's too far from reality for them to be honest. So they are Hollywood actors in the film and don't have much substance. Then on a side storyline is Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate. Margot accepted this role cause it was Tarrantino I imagine, but she was grossly underused. In this film she pretty summarises what a 'sexy lamp' is. She could have been replaced by a sexy lamp and the film would have survived. We see an endless series of cameos from Lena Dunham to Dakota Fanning to Maya Hawke, all wasting space on their CV with this garbage. This is what I would call dick flick trash to a whole new level. Avoid this film if you can. I just have nothing positive to say about it - I was not the target audience.

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