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The Farewell - 5/5

Powerful, profound and important are possibly three ways to describe this movie. Receiving significant acclaim at Sundance, this movie is now making its way to mainstream showings and I hope this does amazingly well. The Farewell tells the story of Billi who decides to travel to China to see her dying Nai Nai (Grandma). Nai Nai does not know she is dying as her family has decided to keep it a secret from her. While the premise of the film itself is heartbreaking enough, it is surprisingly hilarious. While its intentions are not to be funny, the use of death as humour works incredibly well. The dynamics of family drama and family politics are scripted outstandingly and made a lot of the family situations very relatable. A lot of this amazing work is due to Lulu Wang's comical writing and directing. This is only her second film, and I hope we see more great work from her. I also need to acknowledge the amazing work of Awkwafina. Her performance was raw, powerful and brilliant - I won't be surprised if she bags a nomination for Best Actress at next year's Academy Awards. Telling stories like this where a different culture is depicted respectfully on screen is crucial to culture of inclusion - which is why I believe this film is important. Another best for 2019 in my opinion. A recommendation to all - go watch this movie. It is funny, awkward and well done. You will not regret your time.

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