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It Chapter 2 - 3.5/5

With a runtime of 2 hours and 50 minutes, it's a hard sell for someone to watch this at the cinemas without a break in the middle. However, with a fantastic start like the first film, you can't help but want to sit through a sequel. Like the first film, what makes this movie work is the ensemble of Hollywood's talented actors, that bring a passionate A-game that makes this sequel work. There is some scene stealing work by Bill Hader and Jessica Chastain, that will have audiences loving every scene they are in. While Chastain is clearly the most refined out of the rest of them, her work in this film stands out as the most mature. Bill Hader who's comedic work is prominent in his career, stands second in line to Chastain as he provides some well timed comedic relief. What this film lacks is a proper and well-told story. While the first It, sets up a solid framework of how Pennywise comes into form and torments the Loser club, this lost me on many occasions. I am very doubtful that this sequel stuck to a lot of the original Stephen King source material, as towards the end of the movie, the "Stephen King-ness" seemed quite removed from the film. So was it scary? The creepiness that filled the first movie is diluted in this, and I didn't leave the cinema shaken as I did with the first one. However, as the characters are adults, there is whole new dimension of trauma that is explored in this that compensates for its lack of scariness. Is the length a problem? Yes! Too long! Seriously! 2 hours could have had the movie at a perfect length. You may forgive its length, or you may think it's too long. However, as a movie, and especially as a horror movie sequel, It Chapter Two is a good movie. Watch it if you have seen the first one and are excited to see what happens to the crew as adults.

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